I See The Fire

MUSIC > I See The Fire, March 2017

March 2017
Composed by: Rahil Riad Mahmood
Lyrics by: Rahil Riad Mahmood
Performed by: Head Start Educational Academy music students
Guest Performer: Raja Chaudhary (Guitar)

One morning, I was sitting in the library at school and reflecting on a discussion I had had with my fellow band members the previous day. It was about a man who was stranded in a cave, waiting for someone to rescue him. It didn’t take more than ten minutes before I had the lyrics to this song on paper.

Unlike the lyrics, the music of this song took a while to come together. At the time of writing down the lyrics, I had a melody stuck in my head. I knew for sure that the man stranded in the cave was enraged, and I felt that Rock would be an appropriate genre for this song. Besides, I had never really dealt with Rock music before and this was a good opportunity for me to try something new. So I pictured that melody on an electric guitar and it sounded pretty good in my head.

I had planned the entire layout of the song before I took it to my team, but I didn’t really know what to expect of them. After all, working with ten-year-olds, teenagers and professionals, all at the same time, is not an easy task!

I don’t like compromising on my compositions to make it easier for the musicians, and so I didn’t allow them to simplify anything in this song. I often noticed the frustration on the faces of the guitarists when I pushed them to play tricky loops they had never tried before.

The main thing I like about this song is the transitions. The singers certainly had a tough time with them, but today, when I listen to this song, I can confidently say that it sounds just the way I imagined it in the library.

Performed on March 25th 2017

MUSIC > I See The Fire, March 2017