“Some of the greatest pilots of all time have achieved the unthinkable by simply flying the plane—not by relying on a bunch of computers to do the flying for them.”

The Equation for Disaster in the Aviation Industry

Understanding human behaviour is imperative for success in any field. Centuries of research and experience have made it evident that the human brain is the most powerful piece of machinery in the universe. Even the most complex and sophisticated technologies will never be able to replace this organ, and it is therefore absolutely essential that every form of innovation, no matter how complex, expensive, or advanced, takes into consideration the concept of human behaviour. Our relationship with technology has expanded to extremely high degrees of complexity over the years. However, we have still not succeeded in fully understanding the link between human behaviour and technological assistance. As a result, we have witnessed some of the most disastrous events of our time. In a hurry to stand in the spotlight of economic success and stability, we have chosen to overlook some of the basic principles that govern the subject of human behaviour.

The Impacts of Interdisciplinarity in an Air Crash Investigation

March 2016

“Before the coming of such advanced technology, pilots had to rely solely on their natural abilities, experience, and vast knowledge of Physics; they had to know everything about their aircraft and also have the ability to rely on their intuition while making decisions during emergencies.”